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MKMG Capital, one of the leading financial services providing company, we believe that the capital market holds distinctive and abundant opportunities.

Being one of the India’s premier investment advisory company, we originate our tenacity in helping people protect and grow their capital. Here at MKMG, we offer personalized financial solutions to individual investor, Super High Net worth clients, High Net worth clients, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and foreign investors and others.


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Why MKMG Capital

Research and Analysis

Research and analysis in capital market is extensively useful & effective. The research products are based on equity, commodities, currencies, mutual funds and many more. Our analysts have views on almost all areas& are highly experienced. They always keep their eyes all around the world, new rules and regulations, new government trade policies, political and non-political situation of the country, thought process and agenda of the particular government, which affect the way of market in a particular country.

In the era of LPG (Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization) where the policy of one country affect the market globally, so our continuous research and analysis reports help to take proactive decision. Our team is so much of capable in offering their best of advice at any given point in time & under any market circumstances. We have wide range of products for our clients. We analyze the requirement of the investor and accordingly offer the best of the product.


MKMG Capital has over the years of experience in the field of financial consulting, Mutual funds, broking & stock trading. The authenticity & transparency in providing the actual facts to our Investors is our core USP & on which our Investors are rely. There are no hidden discrepancies in terms & conditions & remains as genuine as it can be. You always get best support while building a strong relationship with our company.


Benefits of MKMG Capital

Brings systematic approach in investments to earn maximum returns