About Us

MKMG Capital

Over years of experience and sophisticated debt and equity investment options position us to best satisfy and provide the best of financial services to the clients. Additionally, we expect that our asset management platform, which uses historic and real-time information, will continue to set us apart in managing the portfolio of our investors.

We will continue innovating and growing in all aspects and carry on the tradition and philosophy that has enabled MKMG Capital to become a leader in the capital industry.

We have fortified the futures of our clients and help to create more and more wealth for our Investors. And our true expertise lies in the believe that our clients shown in us. It is our deep personal relationship with each client that sets us apart.

Why MKMG Capital

Research and Analysis

Research and analysis in capital market is extensively useful & effective. The research products are based on equity, commodities, currencies, mutual funds and many more. Our analysts have views on almost all areas& are highly experienced. They always keep their eyes all around the world, new rules and regulations, new government trade policies, political and non-political situation of the country, thought process and agenda of the particular government, which affect the way of market in a particular country.

In the era of LPG (Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization) where the policy of one country affect the market globally, so our continuous research and analysis reports help to take proactive decision. Our team is so much of capable in offering their best of advice at any given point in time & under any market circumstances. We have wide range of products for our clients. We analyze the requirement of the investor and accordingly offer the best of the product.


MKMG Capital has over the years of experience in the field of financial consulting, Mutual funds, broking & stock trading. The authenticity & transparency in providing the actual facts to our Investors is our core USP & on which our Investors are rely. There are no hidden discrepancies in terms & conditions & remains as genuine as it can be. You always get best support while building a strong relationship with our company.

Mutual Support and Trust

Mutual support is the solution of any problem and our expertise are driven by this key. The tie up investors are always welcomed to ask any question or put forward problems in front of us and aside from questioning, they can also give their advice regarding better solutions. We consider all problems and suggestions as a noteworthy point and take an action by selecting the relevant one to achieve your goals.

What do we have to offer you?

We are the leading company in personalized investment and Portfolio management. We assist our clients in making better decisions and converting the decisions into profitable actions.

We offer need based investment solutions to our clients:

  • Saving scheme and Wealth Creation
  • Systematic Investment Plans ( Mutual funds)
  • Tax Saving scheme
  • Health and life insurance
  • Children’s education plan
  • Children’s marriage plan
  • Holidays planning
  • Buying Home
  • Owning a car
  • For uncertainty

How we can help you to fulfill your dreams?

We will help you to create your wealth. We use our scientific Financial Assessment Tool, a unique scientific method which identifies the right product as per your financial objectives in few steps:

  • Analysis of the requirements:
    Identifying your goals, preferences and risk appetite
  • Product Selection:
    Come back with a best of product that help you attain yourobjectives
  • Efficient Implementation:
    Always with you each stage of the way to achieve and fulfill your dreams